Our Services

Septic Tank and Septic System Installation – We carry the longest-lasting systems from leading manufacturers and—most important—we know how to install them properly. You can also trust us to help you pick the right system to meet your family’s specific needs.

Septic Repairs and Maintenance, Maintenance Contracts – You can rely on us whenever you need a repair, and whenever you’re scheduled to have maintenance. We repair and maintain all leading systems.

Excavation - Excavation for your septic tank requires heavy equipment and special care to protect your home and homesite. Our excavation services for residential and commercial properties are first rate. We are also licensed, and insured.

Inspections/Troubleshooting - Inspections of waste disposal systems are a proven way to prevent costly unanticipated repairs. Inspections also assure you that you are disposing of sewage and gray water waste safely and legally. We offer thorough inspection (and peace of mind) at an affordable price.

Design - The design of your septic system is important because it not only needs to meet your needs but also adhere to local building codes. Improper design can lead to health and safety issues.

Consulting – Need a difficult septic problem solved? Planning a new home or new housing development in an unsewered area? We can help answer all your septic questions.

Prompt Service – Call us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for prompt response and to get your system functioning properly again . We are committed to your satisfaction every day.

Septic System Chlorine – We sell NSF approved septic chlorine tablets. Stop by our office or if you are in Brazos County we will deliver for FREE.

Septic System Parts Sales – We stock most parts needed to get your system back up and running. If we don't have what you need in stock, we can often get it within 2 business days.

Septic System Pumping - We pump out all types of septic systems. We have knowledgeable pumpers who know what they are dealing with. They know what all needs to be cleaned out of your system. They will ONLY pump out what is necessary and that is what you will be charged for. Some other pumpers will clean out your entire system, even if it is not needed, just so they can charge you more. Our goal is to give you professional service and help you save money.